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By Poppy Atkinson-Gibson

It's a really scary time, there's absolutely no denying that. Coronavius is everywhere and whilst it is a huge risk and we should do the utmost to protect ourselves and our family members, it's also important to look after ourselves mentally in what can feel like a very claustrophobic episode of self isolation.

Coming back from Oxford; the hub-bub, the business, the people and the general throng that accompanies a lively city, to my little village, being shut up in the house all day I will admit I'm going a little stir-crazy.

So here are some tips to stave off the boredom:

Absolutely and definitely have some kind of a routine. Even if it's something as simple as getting up at the same time every morning. Currently I'm going for a short run each morning. It's hard some days but it'll help you feel more productive.

Remember those hobbies you forgot about; watercolour painting,baking, knitting, now is a perfect time to take them up again!

Make a list of films and TV shows you want to get through and watch an episode a day to avoid binge-watching which can lead to depressive slumps. Moderation is key

Technology is your friend in this time of isolation! Have those group calls, keep in contact on group chats, phone relatives and see how  they're getting on. Physical isolation does not need to mean complete social isolation. Talking to at east a couple of people outside your home is important both for and them to make sure no one feels alone.

Regarding work, make a timetable and try and stick to it. Do a little each day but don't beat yourself up if you're not getting through as much as you want to. These are testing times. Set aside as much time as you can manage and work steadily with lots of tea breaks, dog walks, TV time.

I know for my JCR page each persona takes a day to do a takeover      and share snippets of their lives, pet photos, film recommendations, jokes etc and it keeps the community feeling connected and integrated so try it out!

The worst thing you can do right now is to retreat into a shell, so make sure you keep making contact. This is not the apocalypse and normality will return eventually. Just keep on keeping on!


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