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Carrie the Musical at the Oxford Playhouse

By Simone Malekar

On Wednesday 18th of May, the Oxford Playhouse kindly invited my friend Ola and I to attend the opening of the musical ‘Carrie’.

Before the show, we knew of the Stephen King novel of the same name that the musical is based on. This background made us more excited for the show as the format was something new. The story takes its basic structure and plotline of the protagonist with telekinetic powers seeking high school revenge from the Stephen King novel, but adds contemporary, alternative elements such as a powerful, punchy pop-rock score and wild ensemble. Michael Gore’s music, coupled with Dean Pitchford’s incredible lyrics, created a dynamic, catchy soundtrack that has stayed with us since we first heard it at the show. The musical is produced by Founding Fellas Productions, a University of Oxford Student Company, which only makes the experience that much more impressive.

There is only one way to describe the way Harriet Nokesplayed the main character of Carrie: sensational. I’m not usually a science-fiction/horror fan, but I have to concede that Nokes’s portrayal of Carrie has led me to buy Stephen King’s book. She preserved the uncertainty and insecurity of being a teenager while flawlessly portraying a narrative that drew in the audience with each passing minute. Additionally, the set design was fantastic. Going in, I was apprehensive about the setting of a school juxtaposed with the telepathic powers that characterise Carrie, but the production design team did a great job at making the setting believable whilst making the display of telekinetic powers enrapturing and exciting.

I highly recommend watching the musical while it is showing and experiencing the magical atmosphere which the Oxford Playhouse provides. ‘Carrie’ is showing at the Oxford Playhouse from the 18th to the 21st of May and it is definitely not one to be missed so make sure you grab tickets! To check out the upcoming shows taking place at the Oxford Playhouse, click this link:


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