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Choosing Written Work to Submit to Oxford Uni

By Matilda Trueblood

Remember deadline for written work is 10th November 2021!

Choosing written work is usually the second or third stage in an application, after the personal statement and admissions test. Especially if you don’t have a test, it can be an important part of the application. I remember feeling very stressed out when choosing my written work, so I hope that this can help anyone who feels the same way!

1) It seems fairly obvious but pick the essays with the highest marks - they’ll best showcase your abilities!

2) Choose the essays that best demonstrate your style: don’t pick essays which were written in an exam, as part of coursework or in a very specific and unusual essay format. The best essay will be one written as homework, which are most similar to the ones you will write at Oxford.

3) Choose essays about topics you are comfortable discussing: written work may be a basis for the topics discussed in your interviews so make sure that you understand the arguments in your essay and that you can explain and defend them.

4) If you can, choose topics related to modules in your chosen degree or mentioned in your personal statement, as this will better show your interest in the subject.

5) Choose essays where you have done extra reading outside the syllabus – again, this may not be possible for everyone, but if it is possible then this will really demonstrate your interest in the subject and ability to research and work independently.

These are all suggestions to help you choose your written work, but don’t worry if your essays don’t include all of them. The most important thing is to choose an essay that you feel is your best work! It is also advisable to discuss your choice with your teachers as they will be able to advise on the best essays.

Good luck and remember to check out other ‘That Oxford Girl’ posts for advice on admissions tests and interviews!


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