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Come From Away, New Theatre Oxford

By Carys Hogan

Having recently come off the West End, the musical “Come From Away” is a beautiful show that captures the essence of human kindness in the wake of tragedy.

The show centres around the true story of approximately 7,000 passengers who found themselves stranded in Newfoundland, Canada, after the American airspace was closed following the 9/11 attacks. It follows the story of both the people stranded and the community that was made during the time, with equal amounts of humour, beauty and recognition of the tragic backdrop to the story.

While some viewers may be nervous around the transition between the West End and tour cast, the cast gave a spectacular performance that really captured the beauty of the “Come From Away” story and the capacity for human connection and empathy even against a backdrop of global distress. Each cast member plays several characters during the 100 or so minutes of dominating the stage, illustrating their versatility, and the transitions between characters, locations and moments during the show are flawless, something which is a particular feat given the modest, and yet incredibly effective staging, which uses minimal props.

“Come From Away” provides a distinctive soundtrack from most musicals, drawing from a blend of Celtic folk and rock and lead us through the story, providing a useful background and, in the case of “Me and the Sky”, giving us a beautifully executed anthem. It seems impossible not to leave the theatre without humming some tune for the show, as well as feeling uplifted by both the message of the story and the warmth that seems to radiate from the stage.

If you’re looking for a fantastic Week 1 treat that will enable you to experience a whirlwind of emotions, catchy tunes and a story that uplifts the soul, then “Come From Away” is a must-see. It not only makes for a great night out but the story changes your outlook on how you see the world, reminding us that compassion, kindness and light can and should triumph in the darkness.

On until Sat 27th April. Get your tickets here!


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