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Dirty Dancing, New Theatre Oxford

By Tilly Rose

"I've had the time of my life...No, I've never felt this way before..."

We all know the song. We've all, surely, tried (and failed) the lift at a party. We all know the incredible final line and it's all back, in Oxford!

Yes, Dirty Dancing the Musical is hitting the stage at New Theatre, Oxford until Saturday 29th July and you do not want to miss it!

Tonight, we were lucky enough to be #invited to the press night and from the moment we walked in, we were a transported back to 1963; the Piano Bar was adorned with pink balloons, glittering hot pink banners and those classic watermelons. Then, it was time to take our seats and join Baby and her family at Kellerman's resort.

From the opening number, the cast had the crowd in their hands, well, one cast member in particular, Michael O'Reilly as Johnny drew us in from the start with his unbelievable moves and stage...presence. Let's just say we could totally relate to Baby falling for him and their chemistry was palpable...

The choreography, costumes, feel-good tunes and show-stopping lift at the end had the entire auditorium buzzing. With a standing ovation, everyone was up dancing and we left with a feel-good spring in our step, as well as an empowering sense of the show's overriding sentiment that 'nobody puts baby in a corner'!


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