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Fun Times at Pho!

This term TOG student ambassadors Léonie & Darcy visited the lovely Pho in Westgate, Oxford!

I personally love Pho and would highly recommend popping in over the Christmas period, the ideal place for an affordable, fresh & healthy meal in between all that festive food!

Here is what they thought:

Dinner at Pho

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to visit Pho, the Vietnamese restaurant franchise on top of the roof of Westgate. Since I was on holiday in Vietnam this summer and basically lived off Pho and other authentic Vietnamese cuisine, I think it’s fair to say that I was extremely excited! Since I was with a guest, I decided to make a special date night out of this opportunity.

When we arrived at 8, we were quickly greeted by friendly staff, who have given us a beautiful table at the window! Perfect for some privacy and observing people walking by. Tip: If you plan on going to Pho on a Friday/Saturday evening, make a reservation! If you don’t, you will have to plan in a bit of time to be seated.

It is difficult to make a proper Vietnamese menu, since there are so many dishes that are to be considered of importance, however, Pho does a really good job in offering something for everyone. You can choose from a long list of starters – we decided on the beef betal, the Vietnamese crepes, and the seafood spring-rolls – going to the house speciality, Pho, as well as wok noodles.

The starters we chose were absolutely delicious! When taking our order, the waitress warned us that it might take a while between starters and mains, since the restaurant was very busy. Unfortunately, our mains took over an hour, but the mistake was quickly realised, and they apologised profusely. They made it their top priority to bring us the food and it was absolutely worth the wait. The Pho of the house was filled to the brim with deliciousness and the Vermicelli noodles were very nice, offering a wide array of vegetables and little extras in the dish, one might not have expected.

We didn’t get the chance to try the desserts, since the kitchen was already closed, but I will definitely go back and see if they are as delicious as the first two courses.

Naturally, we also tried the drinks! They have amazing cocktails and a great house lemonade!

We really enjoyed ourselves and would definitely recommend Pho to everyone who is a fan of Vietnamese food or would like to try it out some time!

By Léonie

Fun Times at Pho!

After an exhausting start to 8th week, my guest and I were lucky to spend a gifted evening at Pho, in the Westgate Centre, where we had an amazing time.

The extensive menu had lots to offer, (with plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free friendly options), and I settled on ‘nem nuóng’ (homemade pork and lemongrass meatballs), washed down with a ‘Phojito’ (Pho’s own twist on a classic; mojito with white rum instead of tequila!) Meanwhile my guest settled on ‘gòi cuòn’ (summer spring rolls) and a homemade lemonade. Of course, we couldn’t resist the prawn crackers on the side! Not only did the food look amazing, but it tasted delicious too – especially when eaten properly (wrap the meatball/roll in lettuce, dunk in the sauce and enjoy for a taste and texture sensation!)

Next, we settled on a Vietnamese chicken curry (cà-ri chicken) and chicken and prawn stir fry (phò xào). As someone who can’t handle very much spice, the creamy coconut flavour in the curry was perfect. (Plus, as a hopeless chopstick user, I much appreciated the spoon!) The portion sizes were excellent – Pho definitely provides excellent value for money!


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