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Hilary Term Struggles

By Katie Donaldson

Hilary always feels a bit of a blue term at Oxford (excuse the pun). Michaelmas (first term) brings with it the joys of a fresh start, the excitement of a whole new year ahead, reuniting with your friends and delving into new academic topics. Trinity (final, summer term) is a dream of lying out on college lawns, punting down the river and attending magical balls.

Then there’s Hilary sandwiched in the middle and it always risks being a little flat. You’ve cosied down with flatmates, got your head around the academic syllabus, sure there aren’t huge socials like Oxmas dinners (Oxford’s version of Christmas) but it doesn’t have to be a low point in the year.

I wish I’d used last Hilary as a time to explore and do all the things I’d never find time for in Michaelmas and Trinity.

Here are some ideas:

  • Work in a different library every day – lots of students don’t even realise you can library hop beyond your academic faculty.

  • Study in some of the Oxford Cafes and treat yourself to a cappuccino whilst you click away.

  • Tick off the colleges – the colleges are absolutely stunning and all different. Get a group together and say every lunch time you’re going to head to a new college quad and have a break on a bench. They will take your breath away!

  • Join a new club or society – it can sometimes feel too late in Hilary but it really isn’t. Drop the president or one of the team an email and ask how you can get involved.

  • Invite family or friends to visit – with a slight lull this is a great opportunity to sign up guests to formal dinner. It’s an incredible experience to share with those you love!


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