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JCR Committee

What is the JCR Committee?

The JCR (Junior Common Room) Committee are just members of the JCR who have applied to have a specific role, such as President, Treasurer, or Secretary (these roles also form the 'Executive Committee' of the JCR), or to be a specific representative for groups of people in college, such as International Students or the LGBTQ+ community, or Arts Rep (who represents the whole student community), or to be an officer for something, such as Access Officer.

The members of the JCR Committee can do loads of cool things around college! For example, at Easter, Christ Church's Arts Rep organised a college-wide Easter Egg Hunt, with a huge variety of prizes and things to find. If you found a small paper egg, there were small chocolate prizes, then larger Easter Eggs for large paper eggs, and then there were special paper finds (of the Arts Rep's face!) which won prizes like Eurostar vouchers or Crazy Golf vouchers.

My college's JCR Committee (Christ Church) is quite large, with around 30 members, but in smaller colleges, the JCR committees may be smaller. Each college also varies in exactly what positions are on the Committee, and the student body as a whole can petition to add new positions - Christ Church just added an Inreach Officer, for example, a role which is intended to provide support in college to students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.


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