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Making the Most of Trinity Term

By Nirali Jain

Trinity Term is my absolute favorite - the sun is out, the flowers are in bloom and the city is bustling (we ignore the fact that exams are also taking place...)! There is so much going on, so here are a couple of ideas on how to make the most of Trinity Term:

Visit the Botanical Gardens

The gardens are a beautiful place to go for a visit, set up a picnic blanket with your friends, or even grab your work and sit under the shade of the trees. What's more, entry is completely free for Oxford students! Garden Plays

These are productions set up by various colleges that typically take place outside (hence the term 'garden plays')! If you are a theater kid, you can even get involved by auditioning for a role or help with production aspects.

Garden Parties (can you tell that there is a running theme?)

Get your sundresses, hats and sunscreen on and enjoy a lovely garden party in some of Oxford's prettiest colleges. Because of the short terms, Oxford students only get to enjoy the warm weather for a few weeks, so we go all out!

May Day Celebrations

Walk over to Magdalen Bridge at 6 am to hear the May Morning performance by the Magdalen choir. The entire city comes out to play with people dancing and singing in the streets, cafes overflowing with breakfast-seekers and those who aren't morning people running back to take a nap...


Try your hand at navigating the waters on a punt while your friends watch you in awe (or in fear for that matter). You can even set up a little picnic in the punt and bring a speaker to enjoy some music with your friends!

And these are just a few activities to get your term started...


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