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Merry Christmas!

Dear lovely Followers,

With Oxford interviews in December it’s always a pretty intense term but at last it’s Christmas!

Whether you applied to Oxford last term, visited the city for interviews or have been checking out our posts as you might like to apply in the future, I want you to know we are so proud of you! Even considering Oxford Uni in the first place is such a brilliant achievement - it means you're determined, aiming high and taking that leap! So, whether you received an interview or not this year and whatever the result in January, you deserve a Christmas filled with chocolate, friends, family & fun!

It has been so lovely receiving your messages over the last few weeks. My amazing team of TOG student ambassadors work super hard to give you a real insight into the application process and student life and it really does mean so much to hear how much you value the posts.

It's also great to see current Oxford students checking in and I’m so pleased you’re enjoying all the content on the fantastic things the city and uni has to offer.

If any of you are visiting Oxford over the festive period, be sure to check out our sightseeing posts - we’ve got a great line-up of Christmas activities for you!

Wishing you the all merriest of Christmases!





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