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Noah's Box

By Tilly Rose

A new home, new people, a new course; your exciting university journey is about to begin but with every new start comes a whole host of prep...

What will I need? How much should I pack? What if I forget anything?

I remember the run-up to Freshers' Week being a whirlwind, dashing to different shops, trying to source all my uni essentials and on top of that, there was reading to get through, friends and family to say goodbye to and I wanted to enjoy my last few weeks of chill time, before the new term began.

This is where Noah really saves the day.

Noah offers a brilliant collection of curated boxes bursting with high quality items, delivered straight to your door.

I tested out the whole process for you guys and wow was I impressed.

With a specific student kit they've packed everything you need to survive in halls or your uni flat into one perfectly compact box.

My kitchen essentials included staples such as dinner sets, spatulas, pans, chopping boards and oven gloves. I tried these out making a tasty chicken curry. My go-to meals at uni were quick and easy hob dinners and Noah had everything I needed to make these simple, nutritious dishes!

They have your bedroom well and truly covered, with a minimalist range of high quality pillows, sheets and duvets meaning when you finally flop into bed after a super busy freshers', you can guarantee it will be a comfortable sleep!

Their website is so simple to navigate and I was really excited to see that their student box can be customised to meet your individual requirements. Fancy luxury bedding? Sorted. Fancy your dinner plates in a different colour? You pick! Fancy adding more towels? It's a click away!

Plus, with loads of fun extras, Noah has really thought of everything; from hair dryers, to grooming kits, coffee makers to lightboxes and even your very own beer pong set, your room will be the one to visit!

Get your order in ASAP before the beginning of term:


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