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Oxford Night Life

By Ella Stadler

Oxford definitely does not have the reputation of Leeds, Bristol or Manchester when it comes to nightlife. BUT, when queuing for the supermarket is the only thing similar to Bridge's Thursday night backlog, or the feeling of so many bodies in Fever couldn't be further from social distancing, you really start to miss it! So, here's the lowdown on the Oxford nightlife!

Of course, everyone has their preferences but from my meagre two terms, I have found that the three biggest nights are Wednesday Park End/Plush, Thursday Bridge and Saturday Bully. Chuck in a few fevers for college bops or a cheesy night with friends and that's your week sorted!

Entry to most nights costs £5 but some events at Bully cost a little bit more!

- Monday – most people don't go out on a Monday but there is a Brookes night at Bridge, MNB.

- Tuesday – Boozeday Tuesday at Fever or Plush hosts an LGBTQ night.

- Wednesday – ParkEnd or Plush.

- Thursday – Bridge! (a bit of a religion for some people to attend Thursday Night Bridge).

- Friday – Fever, Bully, or Plush.

- Saturday – some great events at Bully and Fever.

- Sunday – Fever!

Bridge – is a 10-minute walk from the central colleges as mentioned above, some people proudly claim to have never missed a Bridge Thursday during their time at Oxford. Bridge boasts 5 different areas! Upstairs is mainly electro dance club tunes, the bottom floor is pop and R&B, the 'VIP' areas that everyone can go to J, and then Anuba (called Spirit, but its Anuba) plays reggae music. Bridge's smoking area is a great place for 'fresh air' after dancing the night away and you are bound to bump into someone you know here! A top tip is to buy a ticket via FIXR and enter via Anuba to skip the lengthy queues.

ParkEnd – although actually called Atik, everyone refers to it as ParkEnd! This is also a 10-minute walk away from the central colleges. Most sports teams find themselves here on a Wednesday and they even have their own bar area! ParkEnd has three other floors; cheese, electronic/dance and R&B/grime/garage/hip-hop. This big venue is super popular amongst many students! Top tip: buy tickets from your college ENTZ reps to save some money and keep your friends close, it's a bit of a maze!!!

Fever – For those of you that move to Oxford on Sunday of Freshers week, this will probably be your first exposure to Oxford Nightlife. It is located just next to Tesco and less than a 5-minute walk from the central Oxford Colleges. The only floor in fever is cheese central (rumour has it they once played Let it Go…)! VKs are bottomlessly consumed here! Top tip: don't wear any warm clothes, as you will sweat like never before. Find a cheeky mirror to check yourself or brush up against the velvet walls and you are bound to find out that you are indeed dripping in sweat. Nevertheless, some great cheesy tunes are played, and some colleges even choose to host their bops here!!!

Plush – probably the most central club in Oxford, this is just opposite the Union. Plush is an awesome underground venue and Oxford's LGBTQ club! Plush also hosts many guest DJs on Wednesday nights, often students! Top tip: £1 jaeger bombs!!!

Bully – officially known as The Bullingdon (although thankfully unrelated to Boris), this club is about a 20-minute walk towards Cowley. Bully has one room and then a bar area. Hosting some amazing techno/house nights (musical medicine is not one to miss), it is definitely worth the trek! Top tip: walk there and find 4 friends to get a taxi back with, £1 each and it is definitely worth it!

Cirkus – this venue is about a 5-minute walk from central Oxford and is probably more of a bar than a club. Hosting the infamous inter-collegiate darts matches, drag nights and karaoke, Cirkus is great for a spontaneous night with friends. Top tip: they have a £5 card limit so buy rounds with friends!

For those less interested in clubbing, there are many bars and clubs in Oxford and the pub scene is very popular amongst students. That being said, for those who do not want to drink, I really haven't experienced a peer pressure to drink alcohol. Many students join on nights out and choose not to buy a soft drink at the bar and no one will judge you!


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