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Oxford Soap Company

By Tilly Rose

Last term some of the 'That Oxford Girl' student ambassador team enjoyed a delightful morning with the Oxford Soap Company, at one of their bespoke soap-making workshops. They had an absolute blast! 

Of course, right now, soap workshops aren't on the agenda but soap very much is - we should all be washing those hands and what better way to do so than with beautiful products, made by a local business? I ordered a gorgeous box as a gift for a couple whose wedding was cancelled due to Covid-19 - it was presented in a stunning gift box - the ideal present right now, a hygeine product that is also a treat!

The Oxford Soap Company are offering 'That Oxford Girl' followers 10% off with the code: TOG2020 if you order before 31st May

Here is a bit about the TOG student ambassador experience:

The Oxford Soap Company workshop was one of the most fun and informative activities I’ve done in Oxford - the owner was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, and he clearly loved his job and was happy to be talking to us, which contributed to a great environment! I feel like I learned so much - about how different products are made, the differences between them, what they’re for, and marketing and consumer guidelines (which I always find super interesting)! I also came away from it with some absolutely beautiful products - I’ll definitely be going back when I next need soap for myself or as gifts for friends. The shop itself is absolutely beautiful and smells incredible. And the people who work in the Covered Market are all lovely and know each other really well - a guy from the ice cream shop popped in to ask us if we needed more stools and joked with the owner of the Oxford Soap Company about his superior stools - it was really obvious that they have a lovely and supportive community in the Covered Market, which makes the experience of the customer all the more enjoyable!


Last week, I got to do my own soap (eucalyptus scented), lotion (white lily) and body scrub (lavender), and It was a lot of fun! We got to pick the colours, the oils, and the perfumes. The owner who did the workshop was very nice and knowledgable, so we all laughed a lot and had a great time all while learning so much about soaps and cosmetic products! It was quite eye-opening actually! I’ll admit that we are quite proud of what we made, it was really cool! Chloe

Get your soap here and support a local Oxford business during Covid-19:


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