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Poppy's Experience of Today's Virtual Open Day

By Poppy Atkinson-Gibson

Coronavirus has changed our lives in lots of surprising ways. Its now included university open days as well. However, Oxford has adapted as much as possible to provide virtual open days. Whilst not being as good as the real thing; wandering around Oxford and peering into the colleges and marvelling at the libraries and cut little cafes, Oxford has done its best to provide you with an insight into university life.

There are Department videos with Q&A sessions with current students as well as tutors and lecturers as well as Q&A sessions with students and staff from the variety of colleges. Whilst not specifically included, taking a look at the Oxford university virtual tours is an excellent way to familiarise yourself with the university buildings, colleges, libraries and more.

As someone who has spent the day answering questions, I have found it lovely to speak to and interact with all the prospective students who are brimming with inquisitiveness and energy! Please keep the questions coming because it can be really daunting coming to university and I found there was stuff I did not know but had forgotten to ask. It can be hard to think of pertinent questions at the time, especially when bombarded with lots of new information in a new city and lots of freebies!

In that sense the virtual version of the Oxford open day is somewhat calmer than the average open day. With that, it provides more time for reflection and considered exploration of colleges, departments and what you’re looking for in Oxford and, even, if it’s right for you. That being said there’s nothing better than wandering around a new place and exploring all the nooks and crannies. The good news is that September is offering just that! We’re hoping that everything will be back to normal enough for a new September start to welcome new prospective students.


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