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REAL LIFE Oxford Interview Questions

By @thatoxfordgirl team

Our lovely @thatoxfordgirl student ambassadors are sharing their own real life Oxford interview questions:

  • Why do you want to read this subject?

  • How do you know where are you sitting right now?

  • What book are you currently reading?

  • How will your volunteering aid your studies?

  • What is easier to solve - climate change or terrorism?

  • Why do these (given maps) three healthcare maps of North American cities differ?

  • Why is there more soil in this area of the world than anywhere else?

  • What's the link between literature and medicine?

  • If you were given a £1 million grant for a medical research project what would you do?

  • How would you tell your 88 year old neighbour that you ran over her cat and then the cat passed away?

  • What are the health concerns for homeless people in Oxford?

  • What are the key reasons for the gender pay gap in the UK?

  • Work out the angle between the hands in a clock

  • (Given a plan of a building) - what was the function of the building and what evidence suggests this?

  • Can you think of any recent noble prize winners?

  • What is a recent discovery that you think is deserving?

  • What are the trends down this group? (shown a graph)

  • Estimate the number of water molecules in this glass

  • Does God have a gender?

  • Is difficulty useful?

  • Who decides what is classified as art?

  • What's the correlation between language and trees?

  • So you speak (French), why? How do you think that will help studying other languages?

  • What would your teachers say your biggest flaw is?

  • Summarise this text in one sentence

  • What did you read to follow up on this book in your personal statement?

  • What's one thing we haven't asked you today that you'd like to talk about?


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