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SpongeBob the Musical

By Carys Hoggan

Original fans of the beloved show “SpongeBob Square Pants” may be surprised and somewhat sceptical to find a new SpongeBob musical making waves throughout the UK. Whatever you might first think, however, this show is sure to entertain you with its infectious joy and energy.

The plot centres around Bikini Bottom, where its inhabitants are dismayed to learn that the volcano, Mount Humongous, will erupt and destroy their home, unless they can find a way to save it. Plankton (Divina De Campo), assisted by Karen The Computer (Hannah Lowther), devise a scheme to take advantage of the situation in order to ensure the popularity of the Chum Bucket, the unpopular neighbouring restaurant to Mr. Krabs’ successful restaurant, the Krusty Krab.

The score consists of a variety of original songs, written and composed by some famous faces, including the Plain White T’s, David Bowie, Panic! At the Disco, Sara Bareilles and John Legend. The variety of music is guaranteed to have something which will suit anyone, from a fun and upbeat song mixed with some stunning music about Mr. Krab’s obsession for money, to a showing the conflict between Mr. Krab’s obsession for money and his daughter, Pearl, to a heart-breaking song between SpongeBob and Patrick. You may never have known before that you needed a rap battle between SpongeBob and Plankton before, but- fear not- the show covers even that and will leave you begging for more.

The whole cast is star-studded and an absolute delight. Drag sensation Divina De Campo (Plankton) and musical theatre and TikTok legend Hannah Lowther (Karen The Computer) are an absolute delight to watch as the villainous couple, complimenting each other marvellously, while Lewis Cornay (SpongeBob) and Irfan Damani (Patrick Star) are sure to make your heart both burst with joy and melt with emotion simultaneously. The charisma and vocals of Sarah Freer (Pearl) and Chrissie Bhima (Sandy) are sure to leave you wanting more, while Gareth Gates is the most spectacular Squidward.

The whole cast is a delight, bringing our favourite childhood characters to life through upbeat and uplifting music. Coupled with exceptionally clever costumes, the SpongeBob musical is one not to miss while it is at The New Theatre and provides the perfect excuse to celebrate the start of another beautiful and sunny term!

Make sure to catch SpongeBob the Musical at New Theatre, Oxford:


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