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St Hugh’s College Cat

By Nicola Boys

As was highly requested in instagram polls, it is high time to introduce you to the celebrities of all oxford colleges - Professor Biscuit and Admiral Flapjack.

The highly esteemed Professor and his colleague the Admiral are the resident cats of St Hughs. First enlisted as kittens to chase down rodents, they have settled in well to a life of treats, cuddles and sleeping in the JCR armchairs. In case, like many Hughsies, you struggle to remember which is which - Biscuit is the very round orange tom cat and Flapjack is the even rounder, but slightly smaller, grey one. Whereas Biscuit can often be found haughtily roaming around his college, Flapjack loves a good cuddle and will fall asleep in any warm spot provided.

If you ever have a chance to come to St Hughs, be sure to keep an eye out for the Prof and the Admiral!


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