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Tell ME!

By Tilly Rose

You got an Oxford Uni offer - WOW! What a brilliant achievement. I hope by now you have run around, jumping for joy and told your mum, dad, sister, brother, cousin, friend, teacher, maybe even the dog and you just want to keep talking about because it is just SO exciting, so now I want you to TELL ME!

Here at TOG, we love hearing your stories. Whether you'd like to write under your own name or share your post anonymously, that is fine by us. We are just looking for real student stories. If TOG helped you during the application process, you can now help the next generation of applicants.

Ideas for posts:

* What made you decide to apply to Oxford?

* Did you have to overcome any challenges to get here? E.g. are you from an underrepresented group at Oxford?

* How did Covid impact you during the application process?

* Tell us about your interview experience - specific questions you were asked and how you navigated them, is always really helpful

* What are you most excited about?

Send any posts to:


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