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The Dark Days

By Reena Desia

A poem encouraging you to talk through those January blues. Open the door when someone knocks or knock on someone’s door yourself. However hard it seems that chat, hug, tea can make it all so much lighter.

It is a hard thing

To open

To close is easier

But to be closed is more difficult

To be closed off is to be alone

Being alone on the dark days is what you want

But it is not what you need.


The duvet covering my face

Lunch at desk

Rain trickling down the pane

Quad a foggy blur of ivy dripping down the walls

I trickle and drip too

Like an icicle slowly withering away.

Knock at door







The ice stops melting

It dangles hard, sharp

It could drop again at any minute

But that friend can hold it upright.

Just one friend.

One tea.

One biscuit.

One tear.

Once hug.

One chat.

Sometimes that is all you need.


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