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The Fudge Kitchen

By Tilly Rose

One of TOG’s TOP PICKS in the city, we are always buzzing for a collab with the Fudge Kitchen!

This cute little spot situated on Broad Street is too tempting to pass by - the dreamy waft of homemade fudge, in an abundance of flavours, always entices me in!

You can watch the fudge being created at the workshop at the back of the shop and then pick which slab takes your fancy.

All gluten free, with dairy-free & vegan varieties, there is something for every fudge lover.

And these guys really know their biggie but they were casually competing at the Fudge Olympics this term...!

With students absolutely winning with 2-for-3 ‘Fudge Fridays’ with a student loyalty card, the end of your week just got a whole lot fudgier!


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