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The Time of Your (Social) Life!

By Ellie Rees

I was so freaked out about starting Oxford. All of the stereotypes were playing over and over in my mind and mostly, for me, it was the fact that I was about to wave goodbye to any form of social life I previously had, when I headed off to Oxford. Whilst my friends who were going to Nottingham University had week after week of nights out planned for their Freshers’ Week, mine involved classes, tutorials, workshops and…crafts. I took this as a sign that I was going to be tied to my desk for the next three years, knitting and hanging out with people who, though I knew would be lovely, would be very different from me. For I love a party!

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Some of my friends at other universities have found that their weeks lack structure, but mine is jam-packed full of social activities served on a plate. If I wanted, I could be busy every second of every day in Oxford. If anything, I’ve found that I have to enforce some rest time into my calendar. There are club nights every day of the week, impromptu pre-drinks in various college staircases, club and society events, formal dining, subject specific events, drinks receptions, college BOPS (fancy dress parties) and balls!

Whilst some students enjoy being glued to their desks, others (myself included) are hard working, motivated and excited to be at Oxford but don’t necessarily live and breathe our subjects. Being here in this beautiful city, at a world-class university, I’m passionate about more than my course itself. Of course, I work super hard but there is more to my life and to Oxford than just work. It has so much to offer. 

I’ve made friends who feel more like family. From catch-ups over coffee, to chilling in the JCR, nights out partying and ending back in each other’s room post-night out for a 3am debrief and kebab, we hang out 24/7.

So, if fears around making friends and having a social life are holding you back from applying to Oxford, stop right there! This will be the time of your (social) life! 


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