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The Wonky Food Co

By Tilly Rose

‘Equal Rights For All Fruit & Veg!’

The Wonky Food Company believe that no matter what size, shape or colour, it's the taste that counts...From ugly onions to leftover limes, they pack as much imperfect and surplus fruit and veg into their products as possible.

Here at TOG we LOVE this concept and we LOVE a local Oxford business. So, you can imagine how excited we were when the Wonky Food Co offered to sponsor this term’s student ambassador meeting with a truly delicious selection of their relishes!

With chilli tomato, hot pepper & lime and tangy onion, we were spoilt for choice.  I can genuinely say my chilli tomato relish has become quite the staple...I’ve now enjoyed it with cheese, nachos and as a lovely accompaniment to a steak (my mum now says her life search for a tomato relish is over - she has found the perfect wonky one!).

Their lovely products are available in Co-Op on Walton street or Bar Tear Drop in the Covered Market over Feb, plus you can get them here:


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