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Tilly's Story: Life Behind the Lens

By Tilly Rose

Story time...

To those of you who have been around here for a while you may remember me uploading an Insta post to my feed 2 years ago saying I was in hospital.

At the time I didn’t feel ready to open up about what was really going on behind the scenes but since then, so many of you have opened up to me about your own stories and I’ve really seen the power of sharing your personal challenges and inspiring journeys on @thatoxfordgirl & @thatuniversitystudent

When I posted this Insta I was pretty sure once I was out of hospital everything would be fine but it turned out to be far from it...

I was then scared to show the reality of my situation: worried that if people knew I’d be labelled and put in a box I was so worried I’d miss out on opportunities, be seen as ‘too ill’ and panicked that it would stop me getting my publishing deal, being seen as a viable social enterprise, miss out on opportunities like the business accelerator at the Foundry or be deemed a risky investmentSo I did what I did back at Oxford with the TB...presented that image to the outside world that everything was pretty perfect ‍♀️

This is a concept I’ll be sharing soon in another very exciting project, so right now felt the right time to post it here

To see the reality ‘Life Behind the Lens’ head to my YouTube channel - link in bio

Planning to do more personal vids like this and if my story resonates with even one of you going through a tough time at the moment then it was 100% worth sharing You guys inspire me everyday!

Tilly x


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