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TOG Female Scientists

This week we are celebrating International Day of Women & Girls in Science by showcasing some of our fab TOG student ambassadors, studying science subjects at Oxford Uni.

Let me introduce you to some of our STEM superstars:

Munuse Savash, MSc in Clinical Embryology

"There are countless beauties within the world of science, wherever you look, everything around us, is down to science. Once you develop a passion for one of the many fields of science you become hooked. But the best thing of all is feeling like you have found your passion and know exactly what you want for the future. Many of the greatest advancements in science was discovered by women and believe many more discoveries are yet to come. Don't be discouraged girls, no matter what if you stand by what you love and never give up on your passion whatever area of science it may be, you will achieve wonders."

Mahnoor Nadeem, DPhil Oncology

''It is high time we encourage young girls to study STEM. Gender equality on a global or holistic level can only be achieved when we have women involved in every domain; and science is a huge domain where inequality sadly still exists. Women in science have done wonders, take the example of the recent Nobel Laureates (Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier). These women and many others are a source of inspiration to me and I hope we get to see more women scientists, professors, innovators, and Nobel Laureates in the near future.''

Isabel Leitch, DPhil in Molecular Cell Biology in Health and Disease

"Women are unrepresented in STEM careers. As of 2019 they made up only 24% of the STEM workforce in the UK. Increasing gender diversity in STEM is important to bring a unique perspective to scientific discussions that will push scientific breakthroughs even further".

Lizzie Bateman, undergraduate Chemistry at Hertford College

"One of the best things about science is that it's buzzing with new ideas, so many coming from women. So we need to inspire more girls into science to have more brilliant ideas for the next innovations & discoveries"


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