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Top Tips for prepping for Oxford

By Willow Rolls

Congratulations– you are coming to Oxford. This is an amazing achievement, remember this and all the hard work that you put in to earn this. I remember being a mixture of both nerves and excitement when preparing for Oxford. These are some of my top tips that I recommend.

· Read through the documents sent to you by your college and JCR to see what they recommend that you bring and any forms you may need to fill in.

· Some courses may send out reading lists or prep work to do over the summer. For some courses this is more essential or useful than others – so double check for your course to make sure. If you have to buy any books, second-hand bookshop, including online, are very useful to help save money.

· Use College parents if you have any questions about what to bring or advice of any pre-work.

· Write a list of all the stuff that you want to bring with you and use this when shopping and packing – This makes it easier to not forget things unlike what I did in my first year, but there are lots of shops in Oxford/online to pick up anything you do forget.

· Pack some home comforts to help make your room feel like yours – pictures are great for this and can brighten up a student room. Some snacks are also good especially when inviting

· Prepare your stationary/resources to allow you to do work – this will help for the end of fresher’s week when work starts

- Finally, and most importantly, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your last few weeks of being at home before university. Arrange to meet up or call with friends from home to say goodbye. Get plenty of sleep and rest as Freshers week is both exciting and busy.


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