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Ultimate Uni Packing List

Really excited to be collaborating with My Student Essentials to bring YOU the ultimate uni packing list: ‘What will I need? What will everyone else bring? What if I forget something?’ These were the questions buzzing around in my mind before starting uni. My room was covered in scrappy post-it notes with little reminders of things I needed to pack. As I stared at the sea of yellow squares labelled ‘cutlery’, ‘duvet’, ‘books’, ‘notepads’, ‘towels’ I didn’t even know where to start. What I needed was a list. So, that’s exactly what I’ve created for YOU: The Ultimate Uni Packing List, including everything from the daily essentials like plates, bowls and sheets, to those touches of home, such as plants, fairy lights and cushions, to make your uni room feel warm and inviting. We have got you covered! To make the whole process even easier, My Student Essentials offers university bedding and kitchenware packages, delivered straight to your door. Rather than picking up bits and bobs here and there, you can guarantee all your essentials will be included in your pack, so there’s no chance of forgetting anything. Getting organised early is key to a stress-free start. So download our check list and with each ready-made package you can begin ticking off all those key items. Then you can spend your summer focusing on Freshers’ fun. You’re about to move away from home, meet life-long friends, delve into a course you love and enjoy so many new experiences. It’s time to get EXCITED!


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