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Vue Cinema Oxford

By Jenna Colaco

My trip to VUE Oxford was a lovely experience. It is located out of town in a retail park with lots of other things to do which you may not get in town such as laser tag, bowling and indoor golf. You can get the bus from the City Centre or Cowley (I took the number 5, but there are other options from City Centre and other places in Oxford). The journey wasn’t longer than half an hour which was great!

Upon arrival, the queue to be served was not very long and the staff were friendly and helpful. I ordered one of their snack boxes (a tango ice blast, sweet and salty popcorn and a Malteasers bar) all for just £5.99. I went to watch ‘Last Christmas’, a lovely festive film which I would recommend to anyone who enjoys something humorous but poignant. I won’t say too much about the plot because I don’t want to ruin the film, but I really loved it because it was in the spirit of Christmas giving and encouraged us to care for one another during this festive period. It isn’t just a generic love story, it is about a woman learning to love herself again and become a better person. It deals with topical political issues in a way that conveys the problem but still makes you laugh. The lead actress, Emelia Clarke, plays the role of a young woman searching for herself so well and the audience can really resonate with her high and low moments.  

Overall, VUE Oxford was a great cinema to visit. It was large, with many films to choose from and other things to do afterwards if you fancy having a whole day out. The staff were kind, the snacks were nice and the cinema was very clean. If you want to watch a festive film at VUE Oxford, they are still screening Last Christmas, Black Christmas, Bing’s Christmas and many other films.


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