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What if I don't enjoy Freshers'?

By Tilly Rose

Non-stop parting. New friends. The best week of your LIFE.

Yep, that's what you're made to think and for some of you, I really hope this is the case! If you find your people, bond and take part in loads of new experiences together, then you may well find Freshers' is amazing!

BUT if that's not the case then DO NOT PANIC!

Freshers' Week is different for everyone.

* Some people find that they immediately bond with the people on their staircase or in their flat. Others find it takes a little longer to find their group, so don't find 'friends for life' day one but that doesn't mean you won't as term progresses. There are so many opportunities to meet people, on your course, at socials, through clubs and societies, college events etc.!

* Some people are more confident meeting new people and dive right in. For others, it takes longer to build that confidence and that is totally normal. Find what works for you. If you enjoy a cosy catch up over a cup of tea and biscuit in your room, more than heading to the bar, then invite others over who seem to have the same vibe! Also, everyone is nervous really, however confident they seem!

* Some people's school has prepared them better. This was a big one for me. I remember going to my first tutorial in Freshers' and thinking WOAH everyone is so much cleverer than me. They seemed so chilled about the massive work load, crazy intelligent tutors and mind-bloggling essay titles. The reality was, there had been trained for this sort of work at school. I had not. So, it took a little longer for me to get into the swing of things but by Hilary, I felt I'd got to grips with the workload much better. This may not happen right away but you will get there, you have been chosen for a reason!

* Some people find the transition from home easier than others. But it's totally normal to feel homesick. Everything is new. New home, new people, new course; there will be moments when it feels strange. Call your family, Whatsapp friends, bring photos from home and if it every gets too much, there are so many welfare support systems in place at both your college and the wider uni.

With all of the above, if you're feeling any of it you 100% won't be alone.

Loads of people try to project the perfect image in Freshers'. Everyone wants to look like they are living the dream but you know what, opening up about the reality is a key part of bonding. I vividly remember sitting on my bed and chatting to my new friend Chloe about all the stuff I was finding stressful and I was in shock to find that she was thinking the same. Opening up gives others permission to do the same - so don't be afraid to show how you're really feeling. However confident other students seem, everyone will have worries, stresses and insecurities bubbling under the surface!


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