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Wolfson College

Wolfson College is a post-graduate only college based in North Oxford, a little out of the city. Some people view the location as a negative; however, this is what first drew me to Wolfson. I am a nature and countryside girl at heart and living at Wolfson you’d never guess you were in a city. It is vastly green and leafy, with many wild animals: squirrels, geese, birds, even foxes! The College gardeners keep the site beautiful in all seasons: from flowers, to autumn leaves, to spring daffodils and bluebells. Wolfson college is based right on the river, with serene views of the river and its bridges and boats from all around the college. You can hire a punt straight out of the college, and off you go exploring the river! Aside from the river, the college is a short distance from University Parks, and the walk alongside the river to the park is beautiful.

On this beautiful backdrop is a very liveable site. There is the college hall which caters two meals a day with 3 or 4 options and brunch on Saturdays. There is also an onsite gym with a very small joining fee and then free usage, and a free minibus service to take you to the city and, of course, the college bar! For those of you with children, there is an onsite nursery and playground, and underground parking garages. There are multiple study areas: libraries, seminar rooms, carrells and even sound-proof music rooms to aid your studies.

In short, I love living in my college due to the beauty of its surroundings, the favourable location for countryside walks and all the services it provides.


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