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Wolfson College Cellar Bar

By Liz Horton (@liz.thescientist)

One of the best things about Wolfson College, Oxford is its cellar bar. Wolfson is a post-graduate College, placed in its own nature reserve in the North of Oxford. It has a 100% student run and managed bar.

The bar features pop-art murals from the 70s on the walls, and has cool alcoves to sit and chat in. Above the bar is a blackboard, where the word ‘wolf’ is written in every language Wolfies and their guests can think of. There’s darts, table football and snooker, along with card games – just ask at the bar.

Because it is student-run, students choose which drinks to stock. This means there is a wide range of drinks from many countries, as Wolfson is the most international college at Oxford. Why not stop by and see if your favourite is there, and if not, request it? Wolfson also stocks their own-brand gin (Spirit Wolf) and beer (Wolf Howl) – which the students tested and chose!

If you are a member of Wolfson, you can become part of the bar rota. This is where you volunteer to open and serve at the bar, for a minimum of one shift a term. It is a great fun way to get involved in the College Community. To get involved at a higher level, Wolfies can join BarCo – the committee that run the bar. The committee make all the executive decisions on bar matters, from which events to throw to what drinks to stock, and changes to make to the bar.

Come and see the Wolfson Cellar bar for yourself, open 8PM-11:30PM Sunday-Thursday and 9PM-2AM Friday and Saturday. Check the Wolfson College Community Facebook page for exact opening times on each day.


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