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Best Day Ever!

'The Act of Union took place in...'

How on earth was I supposed to focus on what my history teacher was saying?

I'd just found out that another girl in my year had received an email saying she had an Oxford interview.

I was totally distracted. I still hadn't heard and as more time passed I was freaking out!

I placed my phone at the top of my bag and kept tapping it, desperately hoping for a text from my mum saying an email had arrived.

'No phones in this class' my history teacher tutted.

I apologised but couldn't stop myself from checking it every time her back was turned.

If the other girl had already heard, maybe I hadn't got one. This had been my dream since forever and the thought was devastating.

Then just before the lesson ended 'mum' flashed up on the screen. My heart skipped a beat:

'You have an interview at Magdalen!!!'

Top Tips

  • Don't freak out if you hear about someone else getting an interview, every college and subject does things their own way and in their own time.

  • When you hear you have an interview it can suddenly feel so scary but tell yourself you've been chosen for a reason.

  • Use the run-up to interview to completely immerse yourself in your subject.

  • Give yourself a pat on the back; whatever happens next being offered an Oxford interview is a huge achievement!

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