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Suited and Booted

Skirt? Trousers? Dress? Suit? Jeans? Blazer? Shirt? Casual? Smart? Hair up? Hair down?

Just before interview these can seem like super stressful decisions. However, do you really think Oxford are going to offer you a place based on what you are wearing? Of course not, your mind matters, not your appearance!

Oxford welcomes an eclectic mix of people. During my first year, one friend wore a velvet blazer and trousers every day, another dressed as if she were in a Victorian period drama, some followed the latest trends whilst others cared little about what they wore.

I literally brought my entire wardrobe to interview but this really wasn't necessary!

In the end, I went for a smart-casual vibe; a blazer, trousers/skirt and boots.

Wear what you feel comfortable in!

Top Tips

  • Of all the things to focus on, clothing shouldn't be a priority.

  • It is, however, worth thinking about what you will wear in advance, so you don't get stressed on the day.

  • Don't feel you have to go out and buy new clothes, it really is all about your mind.

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