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Maths Interview

Today we have a special feature with Rebecca about the Maths interview at Oxford.

How many interviews did you have?

I had seven interviews! This is a bit unusual (because I applied for a joint course, Maths and Philosophy) so don't necessarily expect that. But for Maths they will definitely give you a couple at your first-choice college and at least one at another college. So I would expect around 3-4.

What were your Maths interviews on?

Each interview just covered one maths question which I had to work through with the tutor. There were no surprises, they just want to know how you think about maths and how you deal with the question when you get stuck!

Were you given ‘unseen material’?

Every interview covered unseen material. They aren't interested in how much you know, just how you think. If you already knew the answer they just moved onto a harder question.

Did the tutors push you out of your comfort zone?

Yes! The whole interview works on pushing you out of your comfort zone to see how you tackle a problem you don't already know.

What top tips would you give prospective applicants?

Talk through what you are thinking while answering if you feel comfortable doing that. Also ask the tutors questions if you don't understand. They want to help you!

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