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‘We wish you a Merry Oxmas, we wish you a Merry Oxmas, we wish you a Merry Oxmas and a Happy New Year!’

With Oxford terms being super short (only 8 weeks) Christmas celebrations start a little earlier than usual within the walls of the University.

So, rather than calling it Christmas, it is instead termed ‘Oxmas’ and we, of course, celebrate in true Oxford style.

The city is adorned with Christmas trees, providing some festive cheer to those final weeks in the library and, most importantly, the parties begin.

These tend to take place in 8th week (the final week of term). Most college put on a Christmas dinner in hall. A three-course meal is served with a traditional English roast as the main. In the older colleges, it really can feel like Christmas at Hogwarts, with candelabras, crackers and the college choir providing a backdrop of Christmas songs.

It doesn’t stop there…black tie dinners, Christmas films in the JCR, fancy dress parties and carol services making it the busiest week of term.

On top of all of this, there’s the tiny weeny problem of meeting the final deadlines of the year, meaning by the time we make it home, most Oxford students are in a state of collapse!


Oxmas – Christmas at Oxford, celebrated in the last weeks of term.

8th week – Oxford terms are divided into weeks and numbered accordingly, from 0th week (the week before term officially begins) to 8th week.

JCR – Junior Common Room.

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