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Babies' Weekend

Now 'Babies' Weekend' sounds pretty weird but it all begins to make a lot more sense when you realise that in the bizarre world of Oxford Uni, students are termed 'babies' before they start as Freshers.

They are, after all, young 18 year olds who are yet to experience all that Oxford has to offer.

‘Babies’ Weekend’ is where students, who have been offered a place, spend a weekend at their college before officially starting uni, to get a feel for Oxford. This is an opportunity to visit their new home and meet existing and new students in their college as well as their tutors. Pretty scary right?

I was invited to spend a night at Jesus College where I would stay with an existing student, dine in hall and meet the English tutors.I was sure that this was going to be the moment the tutors realised they'd made a mistake but, actually, what I was most scared about was getting to know my classmates. These were the people I was going to be spending the next 3 years with; would I like them? Would we have things in common? Would they be sociable?

To be continued...

Top Tips

  • Not all colleges host Babies' Weekend, some of you may meet your classmates on your first day of university in October.

  • If Oxford isn't very familiar to you, then it's a great way to immerse yourself in the University, before officially starting in October.

  • However, people I know had mixed feelings about the weekend, for some it calmed their nerves,whilst others found it daunting.

  • You don't have to attend the weekend, it's totally up to you!

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