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Babies' Weekend Part 2

'So what's it like studying here?' I asked the first year looking after me during my stay.

'Well it's pretty much like constantly being on a treadmill...however much you do it's never enough,' she sighed.

Wow thanks, I thought to myself. What a way to fill me with confidence.

'What about the fun stuff?' I said, eager to hear about the lavish balls and dinners.

'There's barely anytime for that...,' she said directing me to the third quad where I would meet my classmates.

My tummy did a somersault as I spotted them, standing in a little group chatting.

I was relieved when they warmly greeted me.

As the day went on we got to know each other a bit but it's strange looking back as my perceptions of everyone are so different now. One of the girls turned out to be my best friend, so it seems kind of weird that during Babies' Weekend, we were desperately grappling for conversation topics to keep the small talk flowing.

Luckily we all had an activity to keep us entertained; ice-skating. I felt far more at ease on the ice, than sitting in the JCR later on partaking in the second activity; the general knowledge quiz.

A quote was read out: 'The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig'

'Which novel is this from?'

My team all turned to me. 'You're studying English right?'I nodded slowly and cringed inside. I had absolutely no idea and felt far from bonded...

Top Tips

  • Don't take on board other people's stress, you may be perfectly fine with your workload.

  • You don't need to know everything about your subject, this is impossible!

  • Everyone finds their people, Babies' Weekend is the first of a long list of opportunities to make new friends.

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