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Good Luck!

Tomorrow is a big day for many of you finding out whether or not you have managed to obtain a place at Oxford.

When Oxford are making their decision, they take into account the following:

  • Interviews

  • Written work and/or admissions tests

  • Exam results and predicted grades

  • Personal statement

  • Academic reference

Just look at that much longer than the application process for other universities. No wonder it's so difficult to get offered a place! The process is rigorous and only a few students for a given subject get into each college. So, it's certainly not to say you're not clever if you don't get offered a place; Oxford just don't feel for one reason or another that you're quite right for them.

Everyone I know loved whichever university they ended up at, so although, at the time, Oxford can seem like the be all and end all; you will no doubt still be happy and successful elsewhere.

If you do manage to get a place tomorrow then a huge congratulations!

Keep the questions coming; if you're confused about anything tomorrow message me on Instagram and I'll do my best to help!

Top Tips

  • Remember if you don't get in this time around but Oxford is your dream, you can always reapply.

  • If you're not offered a place, try not to let this knock your confidence; it's such an amazing achievement to be selected for interview and you should be really proud of that.

  • If you are offered a place, celebrate away and then work hard to make sure you achieve your conditional offer. There's nothing worse than being offered a place and then missing your grades.

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