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Get on Your Bike!

To the library, back to college, to the sports fields, to your faculty, to meet friends...whatever it may be, if you're an Oxford student the likelihood is you'll get there on your bike!

Over your time in Oxford, this means a lot of cycling. You're doing exercise without even realising it, as it becomes part of your day-to-day routine.

David, a second-year undergrad at St Hilda's has proof of just how much cycling Oxford students do through his very own heat map:

From this you can see where David spent the most time cycling to and from over a year. By far the most cycled route seems to be his route from home to lectures, but also the sport centre, Cornmarket Street and St Johns.

And really, what better way to get around? Many of the streets of Oxford are pedestrianised making them a cyclist's dream!

Top Tips

  • It's so useful to own a bike during your time at Oxford; many people sell second-hand ones off cheaply in Freshers' Week and throughout the year.

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