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Oxford is really big on sport and students do manage to find time to fit in clubs and societies around their studies. Today I have an interview with David Pearson, from the Oxford University Cycling Club:

Hi David, how did you get involved in OUCC?

I met the OUCC at freshers fair and I participated in the OUCC freshers ride during my first week of university.

What do you enjoy about it?

I enjoy the thrill of going really fast on two wheels! On group rides everyone works for each other to go faster. Also I get to see all of Oxfordshire and beyond. Most students never venture beyond the ring road. There's a whole world out there.

I also love the trips. Last year we went on a cycling trip to the North West of Scotland. We hired vans to take our stuff, and hopped from youth hostel to youth hostel as we made progress on the bike. The landscape was stunning, especially the Isle of Skye. This year there is a trip to Borromeo in Italy, to ride some mean looking climbs.

Is it a sociable club?

The club is highly social both on and off the bike. There is a weekly pub trip on Wednesdays, with a different pub each time.

How many training sessions do you have to commit to per week?

For most cyclists, there is no commitment. The club runs weekend development rides and social rides to which you can come as you choose.

If readers would like to get involved/trial who do they contact?

Say hello to OUCC at freshers fair when your here, or email club secretary Angus Fisk at: or visit the website:

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