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Harry Potter Locations

There's one huge blockbuster which certainly put Oxford on the global map, not as a university city but a magical film location...Harry Potter of course!

So if you're a Potterhead, you need to get yourself to Oxford and explore the following locations:

  • Christ Church Hall - This is the inspiration behind the Great Hall in Harry Potter where real life students actually eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Surreal right?

  • Christ Church Staircase - This staircase was used in the first two Harry Potter films in scenes when students are walking up to the Great Hall. With its dramatic lanterns and historic design it really captures the essence of Hogwarts.

  • The New College Tree - In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry falls out with many of his year group and finds Malfoy sitting in this tree. Mad-Eye Moody then turns Malfoy into a ferret against the backdrop of the college cloisters.

  • The Divinity School - For just £1 you can view this splendid medieval room. It is the oldest teaching hall and earliest examination hall of the University but, perhaps in more recent years, most famous as the Hogwarts Infirmary.

  • Duke Humfrey's library - This is the oldest reading room in the Bodleian Library and was used as the Hogwarts' Library in Harry Potter films.

Top Tips

  • Entrance to New College is free between 15th October (2016) and 12th March (2017) and £4 from 13th March (2017) to 13th October (2017).

  • Christ Church admission prices are dependent on what you want to see, follow this link for more info:

  • Christ Church is one of the most popular colleges with visitors, so in the summer months it's likely you'll have to queue.

  • For more info on tours of some of the sites mentioned check out:

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