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May Day!

Oxford goes pretty crazy for May Day! It was a day that had never featured on my social calendar before I started uni but suddenly it became a pretty big deal...

'You have to stay up all night,' I was told by students in the year above, in my first year. 'Then at 6 am we all head to Magdalen Bridge to listen to the choir sing and welcome in the summer.'

It all sounded so Oxford.

The night itself certainly wasn't the usual club night, we started off at 'Itchy Feet', a Funk, Soul, Rock n Roll, Rhyhthm & Blues, Reggae and Ska night and it was GREAT. Everyone was wearing floral dresses and dancing old school style.

At around 4 am we headed back to college and chilled in my room before heading to Magdalen Bridge.

It was absolutely jam-packed; the choir were singing from the tower, the bells rang and the Morris Dancers danced away.

Then we headed back to college for the May Day breakfast; a selection of strawberries and cream against the backdrop of another lovely choral performance.

Then it was time to collapse in bed and sleep Zzzzzzz

Top Tips

  • These same May Day traditions happen every year and are well worth getting involved in!

  • The tradition at Magdalen bridge is open to everyone, not just students.

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