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The Oxford Type

'I don't speak like the queen', 'I won't dress the same as them', 'I'm not a genius'...

I certainly had an idea in my mind of what the 'Oxford Type' was before I applied and I bet many of you do too.

There's no doubt that the stereotypes surrounding Oxford remain strong but nowadays the student body certainly isn't made up of gentleman in top hats with canes.

In my first term I was surprised to meet other students from all different backgrounds, different countries, with different ideas, different dress sense, different interests, different skills...what's the word that keeps popping up here?


Whilst there is still a way to go on the access front, there was no exact 'Oxford Type' I could put my finger on; a general theme that united us was an enthusiasm for our subject and the excitement that we had actually made it here!

Everyone I know found their group and with so many opportunities to meet students in your college and throughout the wider University, you'll no doubt find your people.

Top Tip

  • Don't be put off applying because you don't think you'd fit in, everyone I know found their people!

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