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Hoards of students run out of the Exam Schools, whilst the other students stand at the ready with liquids ranging from water to baked beans, in preparation to throw over their friends who have just finished their exams. This event in the Oxford University Calendar is termed ‘Trashings’.

Every year tourists look bemused as they observe numerous formally dressed students soaked in bizarre substances. Confetti and glitter fill the high street and the motto seems to be the messier the better!

Each student tends to be presented with a bottle of cava by their friends, to mark this special event, which they are strongly encouraged to pop open to enter the vacation in style.

So, if next time you're in Oxford you see a student in academic dress with a bright red carnation pinned to their lapel looking extremely formal, it is more than likely within the next three hours their appearance will have dramatically changed; their gown may be covered in eggs, their hair in baby octopuses (yes it has happened!) and their shirt in coleslaw!

Although Oxford students may hide in the library for the majority of Trinity term (summer term), when they do emerge from their hovel of books, they greet the world in true Oxford style, proving that although they work hard, they most certainly still know how to have fun!

Fun Fact

  • A red carnation is pinned to the gown on the last day of students' exams!

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