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What not to do

What not to do in a personal statement:

  • Don't list all the books you've read, or art you've seen or talks you've attended if you have nothing to say about them. It's not impressive to have visited 20 art galleries if you haven't engaged with the art.

  • Never copy anyone else's personal statement - it will be detected on UCAS.

  • Never pretend you’ve read the whole works of Shakespeare or Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan when you’ve actually just skimmed a synopsis, you will be caught out. Make sure you know everything you’ve mentioned inside out and back-to-front as, if you get an interview, it’s highly likely you will be asked about them.

  • There's no need to put your grades into your personal statement as they'll be elsewhere on your personal statement.

  • Don't make silly spelling and punctuation errors, the tutors will also be looking for your attention to detail.

  • Don't miss the deadline, 15th October 2017

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