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Studying at Oxford is intense and everyone needs a break after slogging away in the library. This is where your college JCR (Junior Common Room) comes in; a place for undergraduate students to chill out and have fun with their friends.

They're bit like sixth-form common rooms but better...vending machines, tuck shops selling hot drinks, pool tables, televisions and sofas are features of many of the college JCRs. Most of them are by no means luxurious but you come to love the plastic seats, linoleum floor and bright lighting, for this becomes the place you associate with having fun.

Students often retire to the JCR after tutorials and study sessions to take a bit of time to switch off.

The JCRs also host the college bops, where the vibe turns into a slightly tragic school disco with colourful lights, fancy dress and sugary drinks.

So if it's time to relax, catch-up with friends or dance the night away, the JCR is the place to go!

Top Tips

  • College JCRs really vary, some are comfy and cosy, others garish and cold but you'll,no doubt, have a soft-spot for yours regardless.

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