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Waiting for Results

You've finished school, your exams are over and now it's a waiting game. Will I get the grades? I remember asking myself this again and again in the run-up to result's day. Really though, there's nothing you can do now, so try to enjoy your last summer before uni and take your mind of your grades.

Once you start Oxford it will be intense. For me, the work-load was far greater than school and I was so desperate to keep up that my first term was super full-on (both with studying but also socialising!). So, make sure you make the most of your summer, so you're relaxed and ready to give your all at the beginning of term.

Top Tips

* In extenuating circumstances, allowances are sometimes made if a student has just missed their offer grades.

* If you don't get the results you hope for, you can go through clearing and will, no doubt, love wherever you end up.

* Try to enjoy your last summer before uni!

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