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Nerves Kicking in...

You got the grades and it was the best feeling in the world!!!

I remember it vividly, the huge sense of relief and overwhelming excitement that I'd got into Oxford University!

Quite quickly after that though, that excitement turned into sheer panic.

They had 100 % made a mistake, I was going to get there and the tutors were going to realise I was a fraud.

Then all of the paper work began to arrive; forms, forms, forms and more forms to fill in. It was overwhelming.

Then I had to start my first essay and the reading list was impossible; the texts all seemed like they were written in another language.

The feeling of sheer joy on results day turned into stress and I hadn't even started yet.

If this sounds like you, you're definitely not the only one. Often the reality doesn't hit until you know you're definitely in and then, suddenly, it feels so real.

Top Tips

* Remember you're not a fraud; Oxford have chosen you for a reason.

* All of the paperwork and admin will be out of the way before term starts, so try not to worry about it.

* Your first piece of work can feel super stressful but you're yet to start Oxford and the tutors know you're there to learn. There's no way it will be perfect day one!

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