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Your Inner Child

'Why is the sky blue?'

'What are stars made of?'

'What are clouds made of?'

'Why do cows moo?'

Do you remember asking any of these questions when you were a child? You probably caught your parents off-guard at times but that curiosity about the world around you, that insistence on questioning everything gets taken away as you grow up. Now though it's time to unleash your inner child, for that kind of inquisitive mind is exactly what Oxford are looking for.

Think about everything, question everything, take nothing as fact, ask why facts are facts... ask

WHY about everything and look for answers and evidence.

I've said it so many times but I'm going to keep saying it, until it becomes a phrase you'll never forget:


Apply this phrase to every statement you make and every opinion you form and soon you'll be forcing yourself to justify everything which will be super useful in Oxford interviews.

Top Tips

* Unleash your inner child!

* WHY? JUSTIFY! - apply this to everything.

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