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Wasted Time

As Oxford interviews get closer, it can feel like there's no time to cram in all of the extra reading, researching and thinking you need to do but this where 'wasted time' becomes your best friend.

I found pretty quickly that after a day at school, plus homework, fitting in developing my knowledge of my subject, at times, felt stressful. Yet I quickly realised that there were so many points in the day where time was being wasted and could be used more effectively. So, I carried a notepad with me everywhere I went and if I was waiting for the hairdressers, sitting on the bus, waiting for an appointment, sitting on the train, walking to school, I turned the time around and made it useful. Mostly I used the time to think and write ideas down about things I'd read that week, I tested myself on quotes I'd learnt and told my mum about my ideas on the way to school. Suddenly these typically unproductive time periods became opportunities to learn and develop!

This also proved to be great practice for later in life, I now find that I can work anywhere and stay focused!

You can do this too!

Top Tips

* Carry a notepad around with you - you never know when an idea might pop into your head.

* Treat wasted time as an opportunity to learn.

* If a friend or relative is with you, use the time to tell them about your subject. They don't need to know anything about it and the only word they need in their vocabulary is WHY? By vocalising your ideas, you'll be made to justify them and it will help you get used to talking about the for interview.

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