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The Love of Dogs

Christ Church is home to me and I love it for a number of reasons, but today I’m going to talk about a very specific reason: it's love of dogs. There are a lot of dogs around college, who belong to members of our Senior Common Room. Our dogs go a long way in making Christ Church feel like home for a number of people, and are genuinely incredibly useful for relieving stress, as one or two of my friends know well, as quite often, we’re allowed to walk them. I’ve never owned a dog, but have grown to love them since coming here.

Last term, we took dog walking one step further, and created a dog walking society, announced to the JCR alongside a healthy dose of dog memes.

Highlights include Peanut, a dog who actually hates walking, and will only walk if a member of the JCR jumps along the path in front of him as a form of encouragement; Pippa, the Dean’s beautiful, beautiful old dog; and Lyra, an up-and-coming figure in 2018, the Dean’s German Pointer puppy. (This is a non-exhaustive list).

Hopefully, as Hilary Term progresses, I will return to this blog, armed with more wonderful pictures of dogs!

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